Friday, July 25, 2008

Alice in the wonderland

This novel is about a girl named Alice that entered the fantacy world when she follow a suspicious rabbit into a hole. She meet the rabbit that named himself as ‘White Rabbit’. In the fantacy world he was caught by Queen Of Heart and meet the mysterious cat. She also attend the mad tea party that held by Mad Hatter. There a lot of interesting event on this novel but honestly I can’t remember. There are many character that strengthen the story such as the caterpillar, Queen Of Heart and other.There are many nice poems in this story

Author: Lewis Carol

The Pearl

This book is about Kino,the fishermen.Kino and his wife, Juana live in a poor fishing village along with their baby,Coyotito.One day,Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion and get sick.Kino go to the doctor but the doctor,an Englishmen refuse to treat his child.Kino give him all the little pearl that he has but the answer are same .Desperate for money,he go to the sea to dive to search the pearl.Luckily,he got the large pearl ever seen by his villager. Once he get the pearl, his life changed.Now,he is respected by everyone in his village.Even the doctor who once humiliated him came to his house to treat his son.Kino knows the villager become nice with him because of the pearl.He become suspicious with everyone.The next day,he try to sell the pearl,but unfortunately the pearl buyer try to cheat him.Kino is angered and decide to leave his village with his family to town to find a honest pearl buyer. Along his journey to town, he was attacked by the trail tracker that intends to kill him and rob his pearl.He forced to kill them and unfortunately his child,Coyotito were killed by them.Now,he feel the pearl had brought many misfortune to them and he throw it to the sea

Author: Michael Gerald

Organic chemistry

This book is about the importance in learning chemistry.It teaches us about alkanes,alkenes, benzene, and many more about the material and it's properties. It also explain to us about scientific theories made by scientiest such atomic theory by Neil Bohr and many more.It also explain the experiment made by scientist to prove their theory.This book is very useful to me as chemical engineering's student.This book is written very well and it's display the concepts of chemistry very nicely and this make the student like me can understand the concept.

AUTHOR:Raymond Chang


this novel is about one men named Dutch.He is a soldier from Special Assault Service.His job in his team is a sniper.A excellent one.One day when he were sent to escort UN's peace maintaner team in Sumeria,a group of terrorrist had come to assault the team,he had to use his abillity to eliminate them.He with his friend,Colonel Mac Arthur which acts like a spotter which important to a sniper to identify whereabout the enemy because the sniper has limited point of view because the scope.When they engaged them,their team abandon them and cut off radio communication.The enemy had sent many men to chase them.MacArthur died while protecting Dutch when he is dying,he give a necklace to Dutch so he can give it to MacArthur’s wife.Then,MacArthur push him to a river so that he can escape.5 years after the incident, Dutch lives in a jungle alone and always practicing his shooting. He retired from the army after the incident. One day,one women had come begging him to save his child.At first he is relunctant but he had to save the women’s child because she is MacArthur’wife.He feel he must return the favor to his late best friend.He never knew MacArthur’wife because he only post the necklace to her because he afraid to face her because the incident. He agree and swear this will the last time he use his expertise to kill someone.

Author:Sebastian Ballack