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the 10 quick ways

Smile - Just sit there and smile. Like a fool, yes, but a relaxed fool. We smile when we are happy, but we can cheat our psyches by smiling first and becoming lighter next. So smile.
Drink more water - Maybe it's a soothing, flowing activity; maybe the water actually does something to the digestion or something.
Breathe deep - When breathing in, imagine peace coming in and filling your being, and making you as light as a balloon, colour of your choice, but ideally no red. Green or blue maybe. When exhaling, or breathing out, imagine stress and problems leaving you.
Beauty treatment 1 - There's something soothing about letting somebody fiddle about with your hair and face.
Beauty treatment 2 - Look at beautiful things. Sceneries, children, cute animals, sexy people. Visit hubs that are beautiful. Change your desktop image into a beautiful picture.
Sharpen a pencil - There are many such rhythmic activities which relax you fast. Rhythm soothes the stressed out beast.
Water treatment - Take a bath or swim or dance in the rain or stand under a waterfall.
Meditate - Sit still, breathe rhythmic, think beautiful thoughts. No, drowning your neighbour in clear soup is not beautiful! Love your neighbour. Think beauty, love, peace...
Laugh - Laugh out loud, and the world will think you're crazy. Let them! It will relax them too! That's social service you're doing! Read jokes on the web, or wherever.
Play - Playing with a child or a pet. Have you noticed that children don't suffer from much stress till they are introduced to adult things like grades and stuff?

So, actually we have many ways to make us relax. We need not to care other thinking, we just need to think something about how can we relax from our stress or burden. We also can use the 10 ways to relax ourself so that we won’t feel stress always. Also try the way that you think is suitable for you to relax. The most important is you can relax without caring what type of method. At least you are really relax with that. For me, the 10 ways actually very useful so I also hope that all of you also can relax through the 10 ways I have get from internet.


Water is vital for good health and a long life. Although we can live for days without food, our survival depends on drinking water. Each and every cell needs water to perform its essential functions.
Benefits of a good “drinking habit”:
Stay hydrated – On these hot summer days, our body needs to replenish itself with water more than ever. When we become dehydrated, we do not have enough water in our body to carry out normal functions.
Regulate body temperature – For work-out fans, drinking water reduces cardiovascular stress and improves performance. And water reduces body temperature, making the exercise process safer and more effective.
Skin health – Water hydrates and irrigates impurities from the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.
Nutrient absorption – Water transports essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and sugars for assimilation.
Acids in weight loss – If we have not been drinking enough water, our body has developed a pattern of storing water-which equals extra unwanted pounds. Drink more water to teach our body that it no longer needs to store water. Water is also a natural appetite suppresant.
Flushes wastes and toxins – Water helps us flush our system of the chemicals and toxins that we encounter every day in our modern world: car exhaust, dyed clothing, synthetic, formaldehyde-packed carpets-when we add up the toxins, it becomes dizzying! Our body will process and eliminate some of these hordes of chemicals that enter it. Without enough fluids to flush out our system, these accumulated toxins in our body will slow down our organ function, causing premature aging and resulting in chronic illness.
We should be drinking at least 60 ounces of water- about 8 glasses-a day.

So we really need to bring out the habit of drinking water for our healthy. To develop a good water-drinking habit, get two large, rigid thermos bottles with a 20-ounce capacity and fill them with water. Take along with us during the day to drink at work or study, and drink the other one at home or hostle. Do what we need to do so that our healthy in the good condition.


why study mathematics

Did all of you think that what the use for us to study mathematics? What teacher has not heard a student complain, “When am I ever going to have to use this?” Did not most of us ask it ourselves, once upon a time? And unless we choose a math-intensive career like engineering, the truth is that after we leave school, most of us will never again use most of the math we learned. But if math beyond arithmetic is not all that useful, then what is the point?
Actually maths got a lot of usage for us although we did not notice it. We study mathematics for:
To understand creation – Maths is beautiful, suprising, enjoyable, and interesting. In fact, maths is the closest that we humans get to true magic. Maths connect ideas that otherwise seem totally unrelated, revealing deep similarities that subsequently show up in nature.
To train our minds - The investigation of mathematical truths accustoms the mind to method and correctness in reasoning, and is an employment peculiarly worthy of rational beings.
To understand history - In most sciences, one generation tears down what another has built, and what one has established another undoes. In mathematics alone, each generation adds a new story to the old structure. Biographical history, as taught in our public schools, is still largely a history of boneheads: ridiculous kings and queens, paranoid political leaders, compulsive voyagers, ignorant generals — the flotsam and jetsam of historical currents.
To appreciate the beauty - The mathematician’s patterns, like the painter’s or the poet’s, must be beautiful. The ideas, like the colors or the words, must fit together in a harmonious way. Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in this world for ugly mathematics.
To enjoy the mental challenge

Here, I want to tell all of you that maths really can let us enjoy the mental challenge. When we are doing a complicated maths question, we will use all of our brain to think of it so that we can get the answer. This can let our mental to experience a huge difference so we will feel very enjoy when we are doing it. I hope all of you also will like to study mathematics because it is actually a subject that make us happy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

5 essential weight loss foods

5 Essential Weight Loss Foods

Diets are very hard, as is the feeling of being overweight. Many of these fad diets may promise instant and significant weight loss results, but most of them rely on depriving your body of certain nutrients and disrupting the natural function of your body's metabolism. Chinese medicine considers obesity to be partly the result of declining function of the metabolic fire of the kidney network and a diet that provides a well-balanced array of nutrients is the key to losing weight in a healthy way. What follows are five foods that will help you restore your body's ability to use energy and help you become your healthy weight.
Millet: A well-balanced diet should consist of whole grains instead of refined grains like white rice and pasta, and millet is a beneficial and delicious staple of this category of food. This non-glutinous grain is over 10-percent protein, has high amounts of fiber and B-complex vitamins, and because it isn't an acid forming food, is easy to digest.
Asparagus: Asparagus is a nutrient-rich vegetable packed with folate, vitamins A, C, and K, and fiber. Asparagus also contains a carbohydrate known as inulin (not to be confused with insulin) that promotes healthy bacteria in the large intestine - which in turn promotes a healthier digestive function.
Pomegranates: Pomegranates are a wonderful example of a healthy, nutritious fruit that has antioxidant properties and will help prevent cancer. While the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice have gained a lot of attention recently, you will be more likely to lose weight by eating the fruit fresh to increase your fiber intake and keep the calories down.
Pine Nuts: Chinese medicine uses pine nuts to improve gastrointestinal tract and digestive functions, and pine nut oil is even used for appetite suppression. Pine nuts and other nuts are a tasty part of a well-balanced diet intended for weight loss.
Green Tea: Green tea is a wonderful alternative to coffee in that it does provide a little caffeine but also contains beneficial antioxidants. So drink up!
Eat five smaller meals a day, avoid processed foods, chew more slowly, and incorporate more healthy foods into your diet-starting with these five and the Tao of Wellness B-Slim dietary supplement, which will help you lose weight naturally.
So that mean if we want to diet, we need to have a correct way to do that. We cannot just depend on the marketing product that say you will lose how many weight in a short time. We need to have a balance diet meal for us to lose our weight. We need to take enough nutrition of food because that is the correct way to diet too. So I hope all of you and also included me will choose the correct way to lose the weight.

top 8 ways to treat PMS

Top 8 Ways to Treat PMS

Unpleasant as it may be, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a normal and regular part of a woman's life. A woman may experience minor discomfort and symptoms of PMS before the onset of her menstrual cycle because her body is going through hormonal fluctuations to prepare itself for ovulation. What can also happen is that she may experience severe pain during menstruation, known as dysmenorrhea, or feels a particularly intense shift in mood or energy level because of severe symptoms of PMS. If this is you, you might have been prescribed certain forms of medication to reduce the severity of these symptoms, such as birth control pills or antidepressants. The good news, though, is that there are a lot of natural ways to reduce this severity of symptoms. Here are your top 10 ways of coping with PMS:
Eat more EFAs - Studies have found that certain essential fatty acids (EFAs) have reduced the symptoms that go hand-in-hand with PMS and dysmenorrhea.
Foods for your cycle’s start - One week before your cycle begins, eat more spinach, raspberries, and walnuts. Use more chives, scallions, fennel, cinnamon, black pepper, tarragon, bay leaf, orange peel, and saffron in your cooking.
Health to a tea - Enjoy chamomile tea, valerian tea, red raspberry tea, and hawthorn berry tea. These teas will help you relax and reduce the pain of your symptoms. Also, "Ancient Treasures Tea" is a wonderful blend of herbs for balancing health and emotions.
Take magnesium supplements - During the week before the onset of your cycle, take a daily dose of 500 milligrams of magnesium combined with 50 milligrams of vitamin B6 to reduce cramps and pain.
Keep a food log - To find out what these trigger foods might be, keep a log of everything you eat for the week before the onset of your cycle.
Try a mind/body exercise routine - Try a moving meditation practice such as tai chi or Qi Gong to help calm and balance your emotions.
Avoid salt, alcohol, caffeine, and, yes…chocolate - Consuming these things during the premenstrual phase of your cycle, however, may exacerbate symptoms associated with PMS.
Breathe - If things get particularly tense for you, take five, long, deep breaths in and out through your nose. This will bring you balance and calmness immediately.
We, as women, actually can reduce our painful when our period time. To do that, we can follow the top 8 ways to treat PMS. We will feel that we are release from our painful and we won’t easily get mad like before. While women in the period time will easy feel angry and anxious. With these 8 ways, we can be easy talk when our period time.

the meanibg of friend

meaning of frenz...

Friends are someone that you trust, someone that is meaningful in your life, a reflection of yourself for the other people to judge you. Someone who you think as a friend will accept you as what you are even though others might see you in a different way. Friends will never ever turn their back on you, especially when you need them most. For me, friend is like a gift, which gives me a reason to keep on living, as they will always be on my side to support me. Honestly, without friends by my side the life would be meaningless…

Saturday, September 20, 2008


What is CPR???
The letters in CPR stand for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a combination of rescue breathing (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) and chest compressions. If a child isn't breathing or circulating blood adequately, CPR can restore circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. Without oxygen, permanent brain damage or death can occur in less than 8 minutes.
CPR may be necessary for children during many different emergencies, including accidents, near-drowning, suffocation, poisoning, smoke inhalation, electrocution injuries, and suspected sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

There are three part of CPR :-
  • A is for airway
  • B is for breathing
  • C is for circulation
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Keep the brain healthy

Aging will cause of mental decline, Alzheimer’s and loss of memory. However, there were several advices to help us to delay our aging process. But, what should we do? Taking as much supplement as we can? Being vegetarian? That’s annoying! To keep a healthy brain, fish must be present in daily dishes as it rich with Omega-3, eating blueberries to eliminate free-radical damage that cause of aging, and do eat nuts and seeds. Do eat lots of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprout rich in choline, an essential nutrient for memory. Oil also a vital component of healthy brain. Microalgae from the ocean, green tea and wheat, avocado, and meat can improve the brain function. Stay healthy and keep your brain young!


Keep the brain healthy

Aging will cause of mental decline, Alzheimer’s and loss of memory. However, there were several advices to help us to delay our aging process. But, what should we do? Taking as much supplement as we can? Being vegetarian? That’s annoying! To keep a healthy brain, fish must be present in daily dishes as it rich with Omega-3, eating blueberries to eliminate free-radical damage that cause of aging, and do eat nuts and seeds. Do eat lots of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprout rich in choline, an essential nutrient for memory. Oil also a vital component of healthy brain. Microalgae from the ocean, green tea and wheat, avocado, and meat can improve the brain function. Stay healthy and keep your brain young!


Ego driven people

I found and read this article in the text muet (Longman),this article tell us about ego-driven people. Ego-driven people are controlled by fear of failure and they need to be always correct. They are dependent on what other people think of them, are not humble and think they can never be wrong. Their behaviour leads to arrogance. Unlike conceited people who think much more highly of themselves, arrogant people think much more highly of themselves compared to others. They also do not consider opinions of other people. Arrogant people only care for their own opinions and prefer to listen to people who flatter them. Arrogant people reward those who praise them and not those who give sincere feedback.

The benifits of apple

The benefits of apple…
The old saying “ to eat an apple going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread” has been justified by its many health-rich properties. A member of the rose family, fossil remains have shown that apples were gathered and stored 5,000 years ago and it’s likely that they were already cultivated during the Neolithic times. Apples are excellent detoxifiers and apple juice can destroy viruses in the body.
In one recent study , Riu Hai Liu of Cornell University, has found although apples has only a small amount of vitamin C, eating 100 grams of apple provides the same amount of antioxidant activity as taking 1,500 milligrams of the same vitamin.
The use:
1. For people who suffer from gout and rheumatism, eat apple regularly because it will aid healing
2. Eating 2 apples a day will reduce your cholesterol level up to 10 %3. Drinking an apple juice
3 times a day, is said to prevent virus from settling in the body.
4. Another benefit of apple is for those who have problem with their stomach. If you have problem with indigestion, eat apples before meals.
5. Grated apple, when mixed with live yogurt may be helpful in cases of diarrhea

Brain power food

Brain Power Foods

You are what you eat. It means that foods play a very important role to enhance your ability to do some works. However, do you realise that foods also affected our brain power. Brain power is characterized by how alert, energetic, and concentrated your brain is in response to a task. Information in your brain passes through neurotransmitters, which are manufactured by the nerve cells using precursors. Different neurotransmitters will have different impacts on your brain activity. For example, serotonin is the calming neurotransmitter that usually makes you more relaxed, drowsy, and fuzzy-headed. While dopamine and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters that make you more alert, more attentive, motivated and mentally energetic. See, how do foods affected your brain power. So start from now, be wise on choosing your foods.

fermentetion food

Fermentation Food...

Fermented foods are those that have been transformed by microbial action or enzymes to produce a desirable biochemical and physical changes. Fermentation, from the perspective of the microorganism, is an oxygen free process (anaerobic) in which an organic compound endogenous to the organism acts as the final electron acceptor. For much microbial fermentations to occur the food must contain readily fermented sugar, usually either monosaccharide or disaccharides. The fermentation process usually needs an action of acids to metabolize the sugar. When the lactic acid bacteria ferment sugar, they produce varying amounts of lactic acid. This is due to two different metabolic pathways by which they may metabolize the sugar. One pathway results in homolactic fermentation while the other pathway leads to heterolactic fermentation.

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Alice in the wonderland

This novel is about a girl named Alice that entered the fantacy world when she follow a suspicious rabbit into a hole. She meet the rabbit that named himself as ‘White Rabbit’. In the fantacy world he was caught by Queen Of Heart and meet the mysterious cat. She also attend the mad tea party that held by Mad Hatter. There a lot of interesting event on this novel but honestly I can’t remember. There are many character that strengthen the story such as the caterpillar, Queen Of Heart and other.There are many nice poems in this story

Author: Lewis Carol

The Pearl

This book is about Kino,the fishermen.Kino and his wife, Juana live in a poor fishing village along with their baby,Coyotito.One day,Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion and get sick.Kino go to the doctor but the doctor,an Englishmen refuse to treat his child.Kino give him all the little pearl that he has but the answer are same .Desperate for money,he go to the sea to dive to search the pearl.Luckily,he got the large pearl ever seen by his villager. Once he get the pearl, his life changed.Now,he is respected by everyone in his village.Even the doctor who once humiliated him came to his house to treat his son.Kino knows the villager become nice with him because of the pearl.He become suspicious with everyone.The next day,he try to sell the pearl,but unfortunately the pearl buyer try to cheat him.Kino is angered and decide to leave his village with his family to town to find a honest pearl buyer. Along his journey to town, he was attacked by the trail tracker that intends to kill him and rob his pearl.He forced to kill them and unfortunately his child,Coyotito were killed by them.Now,he feel the pearl had brought many misfortune to them and he throw it to the sea

Author: Michael Gerald

Organic chemistry

This book is about the importance in learning chemistry.It teaches us about alkanes,alkenes, benzene, and many more about the material and it's properties. It also explain to us about scientific theories made by scientiest such atomic theory by Neil Bohr and many more.It also explain the experiment made by scientist to prove their theory.This book is very useful to me as chemical engineering's student.This book is written very well and it's display the concepts of chemistry very nicely and this make the student like me can understand the concept.

AUTHOR:Raymond Chang


this novel is about one men named Dutch.He is a soldier from Special Assault Service.His job in his team is a sniper.A excellent one.One day when he were sent to escort UN's peace maintaner team in Sumeria,a group of terrorrist had come to assault the team,he had to use his abillity to eliminate them.He with his friend,Colonel Mac Arthur which acts like a spotter which important to a sniper to identify whereabout the enemy because the sniper has limited point of view because the scope.When they engaged them,their team abandon them and cut off radio communication.The enemy had sent many men to chase them.MacArthur died while protecting Dutch when he is dying,he give a necklace to Dutch so he can give it to MacArthur’s wife.Then,MacArthur push him to a river so that he can escape.5 years after the incident, Dutch lives in a jungle alone and always practicing his shooting. He retired from the army after the incident. One day,one women had come begging him to save his child.At first he is relunctant but he had to save the women’s child because she is MacArthur’wife.He feel he must return the favor to his late best friend.He never knew MacArthur’wife because he only post the necklace to her because he afraid to face her because the incident. He agree and swear this will the last time he use his expertise to kill someone.

Author:Sebastian Ballack