Monday, October 20, 2008

the 10 quick ways

Smile - Just sit there and smile. Like a fool, yes, but a relaxed fool. We smile when we are happy, but we can cheat our psyches by smiling first and becoming lighter next. So smile.
Drink more water - Maybe it's a soothing, flowing activity; maybe the water actually does something to the digestion or something.
Breathe deep - When breathing in, imagine peace coming in and filling your being, and making you as light as a balloon, colour of your choice, but ideally no red. Green or blue maybe. When exhaling, or breathing out, imagine stress and problems leaving you.
Beauty treatment 1 - There's something soothing about letting somebody fiddle about with your hair and face.
Beauty treatment 2 - Look at beautiful things. Sceneries, children, cute animals, sexy people. Visit hubs that are beautiful. Change your desktop image into a beautiful picture.
Sharpen a pencil - There are many such rhythmic activities which relax you fast. Rhythm soothes the stressed out beast.
Water treatment - Take a bath or swim or dance in the rain or stand under a waterfall.
Meditate - Sit still, breathe rhythmic, think beautiful thoughts. No, drowning your neighbour in clear soup is not beautiful! Love your neighbour. Think beauty, love, peace...
Laugh - Laugh out loud, and the world will think you're crazy. Let them! It will relax them too! That's social service you're doing! Read jokes on the web, or wherever.
Play - Playing with a child or a pet. Have you noticed that children don't suffer from much stress till they are introduced to adult things like grades and stuff?

So, actually we have many ways to make us relax. We need not to care other thinking, we just need to think something about how can we relax from our stress or burden. We also can use the 10 ways to relax ourself so that we won’t feel stress always. Also try the way that you think is suitable for you to relax. The most important is you can relax without caring what type of method. At least you are really relax with that. For me, the 10 ways actually very useful so I also hope that all of you also can relax through the 10 ways I have get from internet.

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